We provide the most efficient, effective and turnkey sampling

Our specialty? The SampleSource.com platform

We have developed the next-generation of sampling - our real-time targeting, request-based web platform generates on average 4x better conversion and ROI for your brand. Affordable, yet feature rich, SampleSource has hundreds of thousands of quality qualified members across North America, and is equiped with leading edge analytics, targeting filters, robust surveys, pre & post conversion tracking, a cost-shared model, and even ratings and reviews collection and amplification. We even handle all the warehousing and shipping.

A full-service, easy-to-execute program

Sampling without the hassle! We do all the work - from a to z - to ensure your sampling is effective and efficient. Participating in our quarterly program requires less than 1 hour of your time to fill out a fast input form and brief us on your targeting needs.

Who we work with

SampleSource is used and trusted by some of the industry's most respected marketers and brands.

SampleSource, 34 Eglinton Avenue West, #170, Toronto, Ontario, M4R 2H6 | sales@samplesource.com